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In the following questions, out of the four options choose the one which can be substituted for the given words/sentences.

नीचे दिए गए वाक्यों को एक शब्द में परिभाषित करें। प्रत्येक प्रश्न के लिए चार विकल्प दिए गए हैं।

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1. One who is guilty of the crime is

2. A public institution for the care and protection of children without parents.

3. Information about the bird species was inaccessible. One has to access rare websites to access it. The meaning of the bold word is

4. Incapable of being tired is called

5. A decorative ring of flowers and leaves is called

6. A person who collects and/or studies stamps is known as

7. Completing a period of hundred years is called

8. A heavy continuous fall of rain is called

9. A man of evil reputation is called

10. An inscription on a tomb is called

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